Robert A Taft IT High School Donation Guidelines


If you are considering making a donation to Robert A. Taft IT High School, I would like to say “Thank you.” On behalf of our students and staff members I would like to commend you on helping us educate the next generation of Senators.

The objective is to create a future endowment of $10,000,000

Provide capital Resources invested in Merrill Lynch (eg)

Facilitate an office with staff, website and resources

Involve all interested Alumni for full participation

Provide methods for contributions and donations

Recognize all contributors regardless of size of gift

Donate via the Foundation

To donate to our school:

1) The first way to support Taft is to make a check out to Taft IT High School. In the subject/memo line you can print, General Funds or you may print a sport, club or activity you would like to support. (Example, Swimming Team) I will make sure those funds go into the appropriate account. You can mail the check to:

Taft High School

420 Ezzard Charles Drive

Cincinnati, Ohio 45214

c/o Ralph Moon

2) The second way you can support Taft is to donate furniture, computers, books, etc. to our school. If you would like to donate materials to our school, please contact Mr. Ralph Jones Security at 513-405-7801 or Mr. Ralph Moon at 513-410-3673 and I will get back to you and discuss whether or not your donation is needed at Taft.

These are the only ways you can support Robert A. Taft IT High School. We do not support or condone any other organizations, foundations or non-profits that claim they are working with Taft High School. Once again I would like to thank you for your generosity and support.

Warm regards,

Taft IT High School Foundation

Together we can change the lives of our Westend Community. 
By Improving our school's resources with the support of your contributions we can make the difference.