Taft Information Technology High School Foundation

Want to help current and future Senators? A donation to the Taft Information Technology High School Foundation will go far in providing our students the resources, programs and activities to excel.

There are two ways to donate to our school:

  1. Make a check out to Taft IT High School. In the subject/memo lin,e print General Funds or a sport, club or activity you would like to support.
    Mail the check to: Taft High School, 420 Ezzard Charles Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45214, c/o Ralph Moon
  2. Donate materials, such as furniture, computers and books, to our school.
    Please contact Mr. Jones, Security, at (513) 405-7801, or Mr. Moon at (513) 410-3673 to discuss your donation.

These are the only ways you can financially support Taft. We do not support or condone any other organizations, foundations or nonprofits that claim they are working with our school. Thank you for your support!