Staff List

Office Personnel
Namesort ascending Position Primary Phone Email
White, Anthony School Resource Officer 363-8319 email staff
James, Dorothy Assistant Principal 363-8291 email staff
Helm, Jacqueline Treasurer 363-8228 email staff
George, Tiffany Support Specialist 363-8201 email staff
Teacher / Staff
Namesort ascending Subject Team / Grade Primary Phone Website Email
Zimmerman, Eric Language Arts Senior Institute 363-8280 email staff
Yisrael, Abraham Paraprofessional Junior High 363-8227 email staff
Woodside, Candace Science Senior Institute 363-8268 email staff
Woods, Tashena Lunchroom 363-8298 email staff
Womack, Gwen Family & Consumer Services Junior High 363-8311 email staff
Womack, Gwendolyn Family Consumer Connections Junior High 363-8263 email staff
Willins, Heather Social Studies Senior Institute 363-8316 email staff
Williams, Jackie Custodial Staff 363-8215
Williams, Nichelle Paraprofessional 363-8216 email staff
Williams, Nichelle Intervention Specialist
Williams, Jackie Custodian 363-8215 email staff
Walker, William Custodial Staff 363-8215
Vale, Matthew Social Studies Junior High 363-8285 email staff
Thomas, Dayahn Counselor Senior 363-8203 email staff
Summerlin, Rhonda JCG/Senior Advisor Senior Institute 363-8307 email staff
Steele, Melvin Security - Baseball Coach 363-8319
Sonnega, Diana Social Worker 363-8258 email staff
Smith, Kaylee Language Arts Junior High 363-8239 email staff
Simich, Michael American History Junior High 363-8251 email staff
Seivert, Maria Spanish 363-8281
Scott, Sinita Language Arts Senior Institute 363-8303 email staff
Schroeder, Meg School Nurse Administration 363-8334
Salone, Romell Athletic Director 363-8240 email staff
Russell, Karyn Science - Int. Specialist Junior High 363-8227 email staff
Ruesink, William Math Senior Institute 363-8288 email staff
Roehling, Pam Math Junior High 363-8301 email staff
Richmond, Isaiah Paraprofessional 363-8327
Rendleman, Mark FRC 363-8246 email staff
Rahman, Medina Lead Therapist- St. Aloysius Administration 363-8260 email staff
Pryor-Young, Beverly Science Junior High 363-8275 email staff
Owens, Deidra Paraprofessional Junior High /Senior Institute 363-8321 email staff
Neace, Matt Paraprofessional 363-8227 email staff
Neace, Matt Intervention Specialist
Morton, Robin GYM - Track Coach 363-8240 email staff
Montgomery, Erica Intervention Specialist - Lang. Arts Senior Institute 363-8276 email staff
McClain, Sheila Cafe Staff 363-8298
Love, Debra Records Clerk Administration 363-8230 email staff
Loomis, Jim Guidance Counselor Junior High 363-8256
Lennon, Nick Algebra I-II Junior High 363-8308
League, Isaac Bldg. Engineer Administration 363-8215 email staff
Koenig, Lori Language Arts Junior High 363-8272 email staff
Kelleher, Cheryl Science Junior High 363-8287 email staff
Keita, Mawalimu Paraprofessional 363-8244
Keenon, Monica Cincinnati Grads Administration 363-8267 email staff
Jones, Robin Security 363-8319
Jones, Jennifer 363-8212
Jones, Ralph Head Security 363-8319 email staff
Jones, Jennifer Intervention Specialist
Johnson, Cherisse School Social Worker 363-8244 email staff
Jenkins, Daniel Paraprofessional 363-8216
Hunter, Ewing Tech Support 213-4292 email staff
Hicks, Paul Security 363-8200
Hess, Julia Paraprofessional Junior High /Senior Institute 363-8305 email staff
Hammond, Tiffany Therapist - St. Aloyisius 363-8312
Hagar, Sarah Co-Teacher -- Math Junior High 363-8278 email staff
Greiser, John Gym Teacher 363-8319
Good, Lisa Science Junior High 363-8253 email staff
Gibson, Jeanette Cafe Staff 363-8298
Gerard, David Music Instructor 363-8226 email staff
Freguson, Rhonda Co Teacher- Lang. Arts Senior Institute 363-8278
Finley, Dan IT Foundation Junior High 363-8238 email staff
Finch, Alice Lunchroom
Figgs, Theresa Paraprofessional 363-8244
Ernst, Matt Information Service and Support - Networking/ Drone Senior Institute 363-8315 email staff
Dressler, Ken Social Studies Junior High 363-8285
Douglass, Latasha Custodian 363-8215 email staff
Denen, Jeffrey Testing Coordinator Administration 363-8309 email staff
Dean, Carol ISS 363-8235 email staff
Daft, Brian Information Service and Support - Cyber Security Senior Institute 363-8214 email staff
Cuba, Nicki Math Junior High 363-8310
Crawford-Davis, Michelle Security 363-8319
Costandi, Aimee Science Junior High 363-8278 email staff
Cornelius, Cathy Cafeteria Staff - (Manager) 363-38298 email staff
Conwell, Greg History - AA history Senior Institute 363-8243 email staff
Coakley, Susan ART Junior High /Senior Advisor 363-8282 email staff
Clinic, Clinic 363-8330
Caplan, Rochelle 363-8278
Caplan, Rochelle Intervention Specialist
Cannon, Mesha St. Aloysius- Case Manager Administration 363-8299 email staff
Brown, Juanita Custodial Staff 363-8215
Brooks, Keanna Cafe Staff 363-8298
Britten, Dondi Security 363-8319
Brantley, Dominique Teaching Staff - Cincinnati Grad Program 363-8204 email staff
Bowden, Rodney Team Lead Junior High 363-8309 email staff
Bohlen, Nick Math Senior Institute 363-8289 email staff
Bobo, Kendall Paraprofessional Junior High 363-8235 email staff
Beamon, Celietta Interactive Media Senior Institute 363-8283 email staff
Barnett, Renita Custodial Staff 363-8215
Back, Christina Speech Language Pathologist 363-8305
Aurigema, Cheryl Inter. Specialist - Lang. Arts Junior High /Senior Institute 363-8247 email staff