Robert A. Taft Information Technology High School offers a rich, varied educational program, where students receive individual attention in a team-based environment, and all students are moving toward a high level of success.

This school focuses on a wide range of information-technology skills, with access to cutting-edge technology. Real-world experience is provided through strong partnerships with Cincinnati Bell and other businesses.

Taft’s academic success is shown in steadily rising academic scores and in the school’s dramatic upturn in graduation and attendance rates.

High School Course Guide

Our 2018-19 High School Course Guide includes more detail about the opportunities and resources available to our high school students. Students and their families are encouraged to use the High School Course Guide to plan their educational pathway. The guide includes course descriptions, information about early college credit and alternative credit programs, and more. Graduation requirements, grade reporting, report cards and other policies and procedures are also included in the guide.


Taft is excited to welcome 7th - and 8th-graders into its new Middle School Academy, where they will receive access to Taft's strong academic program and other school activities. Students enter the Preparatory Academy 7th- 10th grades and after successful completion of these requirements, students enter the Senior Institute where college & career is strongly emphasized.  Please note that students must earn a minimum of 5 credits to be classified as a 10th grader (sophomore). Technology is infused throughout the curriculum in both the Prep Academy and the Senior Institute

Taft is a GRAD Cincinnati school, which focuses students on the goal of going to college. This program awards college scholarships to students who fulfill the requirements.

Tutoring at Taft

Wednesdays & Thursdays - 1st Period

Taft HS is committed to strive for excellence! In our efforts to increase student achievement in all subject areas, Taft provides the necessary fundamentals that fosters the learning process.  One effort is our Tutoring sessions which are provided in school on Wednesdays & Thursdays during the 1st bell period.  Help is provided for OGT prep, ACT/SAT prep one way twill provide help in English, Math, Science and Social Studies. The atmosphere will be one of quiet study and enrichment. 

After school tutoring is also available at Taft! Many of your teachers are on hand and ready to help you with homework, projects, test-prep and any other academic assistance you might need! Teachers will be available after school, from 3:30-4:30pm.  However, available tutoring days vary from teacher to teacher.  Therefore, contact them to arrange for scheduling.